Tessil Controll System

Quality control of fabrics

Tessil Controll System is experiencing a trend of continuous development, which has been going on for nearly three decades. This has led the company to become a reference point for the main textile manufacturers

Clients who have chosen Tessil Controll System

The fabric producers trust Tessil Controll System because they know that they can rely on a consultant for every problem that may arise during the work cycle: coming from diverse textile sectors, the company team is able to help their clients to optimise the process and improve the quality of their product to be delivered, keeping them in-line with the standards expected by the Italian and foreign manufacturers.
Manufacturers choose Tessil Controll System as partners because they are assured of the quality of their purchased goods. They are able to guarantee with all their controls any unpleasant contingencies during further processing and ensure the best final result. For Tessil Controll System customer loyalty goes through the realization of additional services that expand the quality concept making it more contemporary, specialised and custom made.
Because the demands of the clients change and Tessil Controll System keeps up with them.

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