Tessil Controll System

Quality control of fabrics

Tessil Controll System is experiencing a trend of continuous development, which has been going on for nearly three decades. This has led the company to become a reference point for the main textile manufacturers

Tessil Controll System. The evolution of quality control

Tessil Controll System has stated to deal with complete quality control anticipating the times.
In fact, it was founded in 1974 way before the Total Quality concept had the central role that exists nowadays between the producers and manufacturers/clients.
Bruno Deni (founder and CEO) has always welcomed the needs of the wool industry, constantly evolving the company know-how.
This philosophy continues through the new generation represented by his sons Davide and Marco.
Today Tessil Controll System is still a reference point to the most prestigious textile brands, for which the company has developed a personalized service and management system for the innovative textile, with a global market approach.
In a constantly evolving international scene, it is imperative to optimize the procedures and timing of the entire production process, so as to guarantee and protect the excellent quality of the "Made in Italy".
Tessil Controll System, in order to provide immediate and effective solutions to their customers, has created a Network of offices in the Biellese and Veneto regions, close to their company headquarters.
Besides, Tessil Controll System can also carry out checks directly at the customer’s finishing department, sending its own personnel and installing their machinery.

Fabrics management system

The complete quality concept changes rapidly, setting new standards and relying more and more on computerisation.
For this reason Tessil Controll System proposes an online system for the management of fabrics, designed exclusively for customers who require it.
Thanks to this site and its operating procedures, all the information regarding the path taken “from the bolts to the finished product” is shared with everyone involved in the production process.
It is a virtual space where the production, the quality control and the purchasing offices can communicate. Codes, notes on characteristics, defect percentage, the history, timings of various phases, the stock, details everything about a fabric and allows to take important decisions on the commercial and production’s point of view.

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